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Devitech Case Study

Case Study - Building Society

Project Case Study - West Bromwich Building Society

Client overview: West Bromwich Building Society is a regional building society with 37 branches located primarily in the West Midlands.

Project background and overview: West Bromwich Building Society instructed Devitech to create an electric vehicle (EV) charger solution at their main headquarters to start its decarbonisation journey.

They also wanted to ‘dip their toes in’ with a small EV charging solution that could be easily expanded.

Given Devitech’s previous relationship with the building society, the client was already aware of the high-quality work Devitech could provide. Devitech worked closely with the client to discuss multiple options to ensure that a cost-effective solution could be installed initially, with plans for a pain-free upgrade in the future.

Our solution: Devitech installed four 22kw electric vehicle chargers in September 2022, powered by Fuuse, a powerful charger back-office management system. By installing Easee chargers, the site took advantage of its load balanced structure for future expansion. 

Due to demand, West Bromwich Building Society installed a further four EV chargers in August 2023.

The current EV system is set up for staff use only and allows a cost-effective way of using hybrids.


  • Four 22kw EV chargers were installed at the West Bromwich Building Society’s headquarters in September 2022. The installation was completed efficiently with minimal disruption to the client.
  • With a future-proofing approach, Devitech could plan ahead for the client to ensure they implemented an affordable, scalable and phased EV charging strategy. Due to this approach, West Bromwich Building Society expanded their offering to eight EV chargers in August 2023.
  • Working with Devitech, the building society benefits from their intelligent back-office management platform, Fuuse. This means both the client and Devitech can remotely monitor their EV charger network, and issues can be troubleshot remotely.

Mark Brayford, Facilities Manager at West Bromwich Building Society’s Head Office: “We undertook installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure with Devitech in September 2022, with further expansion in August 2023. From the outset, Devitech stood out due to their expertise and commitment to excellence. Their team demonstrated a clear understanding of our specific requirements and offered tailored solutions that aligned with our needs. 

Their technicians were not only highly skilled, but also incredibly efficient, ensuring that the installation was carried out effectively with minimal disruption. In addition to their technical expertise, Devitech also demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and thanks to their efforts, our EV charging infrastructure contributes to our own sustainability goals.

What truly sets Devitech apart is their exceptional customer service. They are always readily available to address any queries or concerns, providing prompt and insightful responses.”

To start your EV charging journey, book a no-obligation site assessment or contact the team on 0845 565 1314.