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Devitech Case Study

Case Study - Spa

Project Case Study - Hotel & Spa

Client overview: A UK multi-award-winning destination spa that places equal emphasis on the wellbeing of its guest and the environment for daily visits and overnight stays

Project background and overview: As electrical vehicles continue to gain popularity; more and more hotel and spa guests are making decisions about destinations based on the availability of EV chargers, Devitech installed four 7.3kw Easee electric vehicle chargers, powered by Fuuse, a powerful charge point management platform and operating system.

The Easee system includes a load balanced structure that allows for easy expansion and future infrastructure. The Easee chargers replaced older existing units that had been installed by another supplier.  The previous units did not come with an integrated back-office system, making it difficult to track analytics on usage and payments. Due to consistent use of EV chargers at the site, the spa needed to update the charge points to newer models with an easy-to-use back-office system.

Our solution: Devitech worked closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements in line with the existing charge points. Upgrading to an Easee load balanced system allows the destination to expand the number of charge points when needed.

The spa chose to pay for the works with Devitech’s EV Subscribe scheme, which allows for installation costs to be paid over 36 months with monthly payments. As guests pay for charger use, the destination hopes the project will be self-funded by the end of the payment plan.


  • Four EV chargers have been installed at the destination. The 7.3kw electric chargers are available for guests to use.
  • The installation was completed efficiently with minimal disruption to the destination and its guests.
  • The installation was paid for under Devitech’s EV Subscribe scheme, with affordable, bitesize monthly payments over 36 months.
  • Full end-to-end solution delivered for the destination, future-proofing for easy expansion in the future.
  • Because Devitech’s chargers are virtual sim enabled via 4G - the Devitech dedicated back-office support team can remotely monitor the destination’s EV charger network. This means that issues can be troubleshooted remotely.

To start your EV charging journey, book a free, no-obligation site assessment or contact the team on 0845 565 1314.